My Head is Full

Late last night, I sent Five Days Grace off to my editor and a friend, who will be a first reader for me, and as always I am exhausted and happy and sad and my head is completely full of the book.

I both love and hate this time.

Love it because the book is done (except for some editing and proofreading I will do after my editor is done with it) And I love it because toward the end, there’s a time when writers escape from as much of the rest of the world as we can and live inside our heads with our characters and their story.

My head is completely full. I have figured everything out about Grace and Aidan’s story, and they’re together and happy. I want to stay there with them and keep living in that world, see what the rest of their lives together are like.

It’s like when you’re in the movie theater and the movie’s done. The credits are rolling, the theme song playing, and you just stand there, wanting there to be more, hating the thought of walking out of that little world and back into the bright lights of reality. You get outside and it’s a bit of a shock. The world is still out there, still moving along, ready to drag you back to your real life. You just want to be back inside the story.

Found this on Pinterest aboutĀ  Story World. This says it all.

And I hate this time because it’s time to start moving the story out of my head. It can’t stay there. A new story will come along. I already have just a snippet of it. An opening situation. And that story needs to sit in the back of my head, in some dark corner and simmer and grow, so I can write another book. And to do that, I have to make room in my head by moving Grace and Aidan out. But I will miss them.

I’ve decided the next story is about Will, the foster child Sam & Rachel almost got to adopt before Twelve Days started, the one the courts sent back to his unreliable mother. LosingĀ  Will was one of the heartbreaks that made them think they’d never have a family.

I don’t know what happened to Will when he got sent back to his mother. I don’t know how bad his life was with her. But Sam and Rachel are what his life could have been, and he’s coming back there because he’s lost and because they’re kind and have always represented the kind of life he wanted.

He’s running some kind of group home for teenage boys. That’s all I know about Will at this point.

There’s a woman, of course, who shows up. She’s looking for her son, I think. Or maybe it’s her little brother. I don’t know, but she’s looking and running out of options and scared and desperate. And the kid she’s looking for isn’t at Will’s, and she just can’t go on. She’s done. No more energy. No more time. No more money. I don’t know. She’s done. That’s all I know about her right now.

This is how the new story starts, with me mostly not knowing, but making room in my head for the new story to grow.

Thanks especially to all of you who came here for information about Five Days Grace. I’m so happy to hear that you want Grace’s story and have been looking for it. It will hopefully be on sale in October. I don’t have a cover yet, but I have picked out a couple for the cover. Well, one of two shots of the same couple. One of them is here: Grace & Aidan.

Now I’m off to try to let go of them, to ease them out of my head.



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2 Responses to My Head is Full

  1. Rita says:

    In respnse to the picture of Grace and Aiden, I have pictured Grace with VERY blond hair with lots of curl or wave. This is NOT the person you have us imagining.

    • Teresa Hill says:

      We’re still searching for new artwork. I swear, I’ve spent days and days flipping through tons of photos, trying to find the right one. I have a very definite picture of Grace in my head, too, and really want to get it right.
      It’s looking like we’ll have to choose to either get Aidan right or get Grace right. (I know! I hate that. I want them both right.) But short of hiring models, hair and make-up people, and a photographer of my own — very expensive — I have to settle for stock art. So far, I’m just not finding the right image.

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