My First Five Books…

In the mail today, I learned I’m getting the rights back to the first five books I ever wrote, under the pseudonym Sally Tyler Hayes because back then Silhouette wouldn’t publish anyone new unless they took a pseudonym. I wanted the rights to those books back very much. But at the same time, now I have to ask myself…. Do I have the nerve to publish those books again in e-format?

That’s a harder question to answer.

I’m pretty sure I can re-release the the third, fourth and fifth. (I say that having not read them in years — a little apprehensive to read them again after all this time.) I think I’d figured out some things by the third book, Days Gone By. I remember being proud of that story when I was done. (Okay, I could change my mind completely about that after I read it again in the next month or so.)

I thought Not His Wife was pretty good. Didn’t love it as much as the previous book o the one that came afterward, but it was pretty good. And I absolutely adored the cover. Isn’t that pretty?

The fifth book, Our Child?, was the start of a series for me, and I was really happy with that book and the one that came after, Homecoming. Happier with Homecoming. (Again, I could change my mind completely after reading them again.)

But the first two… Those are harder to imagine putting out into the world again.

Whose Child Is This?, published twenty years ago next month, was a true first book. It was the first book I’d ever written, not just the first book I sold. I’m still astonished I sold it, still remember so clearly pitching it in person to the senior editor — a woman whose name I’d seen in books I’d absolutely loved for years — and still remember that phone call. The Call, authors call it, where the editor says, “Hi, I’m calling to buy your book,” and it’s all you can do to hang onto the phone and not scream at that point.

I had a one-year-old and a full-time job when I started it. When I wrote the second book, Dixon’s Bluff, I had a two-year-old and a full-time job and I was pregnant. First time I’d ever written a book on deadline from a proposal. I have no idea how I did that, and I fear the conditions under which I wrote it show in the final product. So I’m really scared of that one.

Have some time to decide because at the moment, I’m about 75 pages from finishing a new book, and that takes precedence of everything else at the moment.




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2 Responses to My First Five Books…

  1. library addict says:

    I sure hope you decide to publish them. I bought the rest of your Treasury titles when they were released and would love to have the first book from the Hope House trilogy as well as the earlier books. I still have the print versions, but I have been enjoying rereading books on my Sony.

    • Teresa Hill says:

      Thanks so much for that. I’m sending copies off to be scanned this week, so I’ll have copies in a computer file that can be edited (and then uploaded for sale.) That way when I read through them, I can go ahead and mark places where I want to make changes, if I need to.
      Although I have a book to finish first. Hopefully, I’ll know something more in a couple of months.
      My first instinct is that I’ll release Our Child?, Not His Wife and Days Gone By and I’m just not sure about the other two. I might do some serious rewriting.

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