Five Days Grace


Got lost for a while in page proofs and revisions and a computer switch. Sorry, guys. (And I want to seriously hurt the Apple techies who thought… Let’s just really mess with people and completely redo how the trackpad works. That would be fun.) And I’m a huge Mac fan. I adore them.

Anyway, one of the things I had to do was retitle the MIP. Was so happy weeks ago when I head a song lyric (can’t remember the song) that made me want to call the book She Walked Into My Life. Because it really fits the book, and it’s a theme that keeps coming up. The hero is at the worst point in his life, just a mess, and he looks at Grace and keeps thinking… Now? Really? She had to show up now? The most beautiful, kind, loving, wonderful woman in the world, walks into my life now?

But it’s really long and for a couple of other reasons, I decided to change it.

Going with Five Days Grace, because her name is Grace and Grace as a concept is so nice. Multi-faced and fits in so many ways. From Merriam-Webster:

-Unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration…

Well, Grace certainly feels like a divine kind of assistance that Aidan fears he doesn’t deserve but is so grateful to have.

-act or instance of kindness

They both see the other as kindness personified and both are in need of it.

-a charming or attractive trait or characteristic

People have always thought Grace was an angel. She dressed up as one too many times to count as a child, and she remembers a time when she was three or four, when she really thought she was an angel and kept staring at her bare back in a mirror, waiting for her wings to grow.

-sense of propriety or right

Grace definitely sees meeting Aidan as something that was meant to be, feels a sense of rightness, or life moving into place, as it should be, and she needs that. Because her previously perfect life has completely fallen apart recently, and she’s baffled by the whole mess. What she did wrong, what she could have done to save herself from all this grief, how she could have thought she was just lucky and her life was truly charmed.

And the Five Days part is a) A play on the name of the band, Three Days Grace, and b) Because they spend a glorious five days alone in a cabin on a lake, time out of time, when the whole world disappears, and it’s just the two of them. Funny how time can slow down sometimes, especially when you get out of your normal routine and are away from home. It can feel so much more important, so much better and leave you feeling like normal life is so far away.

Have about 300 pages now. Hoping to finish the book in June or July for upload this fall.

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12 Responses to Five Days Grace

  1. Mary G says:

    Yeah! I just noticed this on Amazon. One of my fave series and I so wanted Grace to have her own book. Thanks – I can’t wait!

    • Teresa Hill says:

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks. I’m so happy to finally be able to do this. Wanted to for years. Plan to have Grace’s book for sale in October. I have a Pinterest board for the book where I’ve talked a lot about different aspects of the story, if you want a preview.

  2. Danielle says:

    Hi Teresa, I have read the first 3 books of the series in a matter of days and can’t wait for five days grace to be on sale! Thanks!

    • Teresa Hill says:

      Thank you so much. Hard at work finishing Grace’s story right now and hoping to have it on sale by October. If you go to Pinterest you’ll find boards for all the books and be able to see them as I do in my own head. I love the site and find it helps me in writing to be able to see the books more clearly in my own head. And I’ve been keeping one for Five Days Grace as I write, so the images include a lot of information about Grace’s story.

  3. Liz says:

    Hi Teresa,
    I just finished Bed of Lies last night, it was great. I left a 5 star review on iBooks. I was looking for 5 Days Grace after reading the preview, then realized it was not available yet. Good things come to those who wait, right? Thanks for sharing your books with us. I look forward to the next one! Liz.

    • Teresa Hill says:

      Thanks so much. Especially for the review. People tell us it really makes a difference in helping people find our books and want to read them.
      I am two or three scenes away from finishing my first draft of Grace’s story. Hope to have it on sale in October. If you’d like some glimpses into what I’m doing with her story, please go see my Pinterest board.
      I’ve kept it as I’m writing the book, so as I figure out stuff about the story, it goes there, along with images. I love seeing the settings and the characters that way.

  4. tina scott says:

    I was looking all day for the book I just cant wait until fall I’m going to be thinking of all kinds of things now oh we will see whitch is right

    • Teresa Hill says:

      I just finished it tonight! So happy now. And exhausted. And my house is a mess, but that book is off to my editor. Our plan is to have it on sale in October. For now, check out this for information about Grace’s story: You can see how gorgeous Aidan is and the cabin at the lake and the dog. I love the dog. His name is Tink, as in short for Tinkerbelle.

  5. MARIA says:


    • Teresa Hill says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks so much. I love them, too. And I really fell in love with Grace’s man, Aidan. He’s so sweet and tough and strong and wounded. Yum. I hope you love him, too.

  6. clare says:

    I finished all three books in one week, and was struggling to find five Days Grace, disappointed it isn’t available yet, but happy I will soon. All were a pleasant surprise

    • Teresa Hill says:

      Grace will be out very, very soon. The book’s being proofed and coded for upload now. Should be on sale by Oct. 1.
      Thanks for reading,

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